European Team, €4 Trillion Global Investment Manager

Leading the sector in Institutional Impact Investment. We spotted and approached one of the worlds largest investment managers without a real estate capability, to explore setting up a European real estate investment management business. We initially presented an independent real estate investment management company with a high quality and proven team. Our idea, to bring together the management teams outstanding track record and experience with the global managers brand, operational resources, marketing and distribution, was potentially a powerful combination.

Following lengthy discussions, it was concluded a corporate acquisition was not a suitable option; our initiative ,however, prompted the Board to proceed with building the business organically. We were mandated to drafted a strategy paper outlining the new business structure, key functions, specifications, profiles, costs and timescale. We worked closely with the European COO, Heads in the US and the European HR team to then identify and appoint ,initially, a Head of Europe, and Heads of UK, France and Germany and subsequently key specialist roles.

This business now has multiple billions under management and currently comprises over 35 people across Europe running multiple ward winning funds. After 15 years the Head of Europe and County Heads remain the original appointees. The team have been early movers in creating Impact Funds for its investors focusing on the broad Living Sector.

We remain actively involved with the company presenting ideas, strategies and market insight and undertaking key appointments.

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