Head of Europe, Private Equity Impact Investor

Market leader in Sustainable & Inclusive Investment

Our client has without question been the pioneer in Sustainable and Inclusive investment in the private markets for the last 20 years. They moved into real estate in 2012 focusing on Societal Impact opportunities (essentially the forerunner for delivering positive Environmental and Social outcomes). Since then, they have developed over £2bn of assets across 70+ transactions, across the UK delivering attractive investment returns alongside positive social and environmental impact.

In 2022 supported by their LP’s commitment to Sustainable and Impact driven investment looked to extend their capability into mainland Europe. It takes individuals with embedded values seeking reward and fulfilment in the delivery of positive social and environments to maintain the discipline and approach of impact investment.

To distinguish between authentic values, beliefs shared by our client, and those candidates prioritising financial performance over positive social and environmental outcomes required more forensic evaluation, discussion and referencing.

The successful candidate based in London had a pedigree of investing in the European Living sector, speaks five European languages, operated in almost all Western European markets and was born and grew up in a European region associated with leading Social and Environmental responsibilities.

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